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5 Must Haves for Your Business Website

A lot of of these suggestions may appear like no-brainers, yet you would be surprised as to how many business blogs do not have these basics readily available for their blog visitors. So with that in mind, here our top five must haves we have found while doing our business marketing consulting for small business owners:

1. Basic Business Information
Try to cover the 5 W's. Who you or your small business is. What your organization does. When your business is open. Where your business is located. Why your traffic should worry about your business.

2. An About Page
Now that your blog visitors are familiar with the basics about your business it is time to tell them a little bit more about your business. The three things your About page should do is establish your credibility, tell your visitor what's in it for them, and funnel the visitors concentration to a call of action.

3. Product or Service Page
Your blogs focus is to get your business online. Your business being online is supposed to increase your profit and revenues. If your visitor doesn't know the products or expertise your business offers than your blog will fail to meet its goal of increasing your profit and sales. Now is not the time to be shy, tell your visitors what your business is best at!

4. Contact page
After browsing your About page and your Product and Services visitors frequently have more questions. The problem is many blogs don't provide a simple Contact page for audiences to use to acquire the answers to the questions they have. Do your business and its potential customers a favor and make it easy to communicate by having a Contact page.

5. Visible Area for Customers to Stay In Touch
If your blog is doing everything it should then people will want to keep up-to-date on the happenings of your business or business topic. Make it trouble-free for people to stay in touch with you by having a visible area for the various ways of staying in touch. This area should spotlight your newsletter, twitter, and all the other social media methods. Don't make your visitor work to stay in touch with you.

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