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Website optimization involves ongoing monitoring and testing of websites to achieve optimum performance under given constraints. The optimization of a website is much more comprehensive than a search engine optimization. Web site optimization is needed to maximize your web site performance, speed up your page load times, streamline and optimize your html, css, images, scripts and conversion rates. Website optimization is the process of analyzing, testing, and implementing changes to a website in order to turn more visitors into buyers. Moreover, the phrases website optimization is confused with search engine optimization for a website. Website optimization is the process of specifically designing your website pages to load faster, increases website traffic, and to improve conversion rates. And search engine optimization is all about implementing meta tags, h1 header tags, writing keyword rich content, and apply canonical tags to individual pages.

A website has to generate qualified traffics and goals so that it has to be concentrated to convert your visitors to your customers. In order to archive generate qualified traffics and goals, you must engage in a Adaptive Multivariate Testing (Conversion rate improvements), Website Graphics Optimization, Website Speed Analysis and Website Speed Optimization.

  • Adaptive Multivariate Testing: I test what changes to be used and find a solution what works and what not. The entire process is occupied to evaluate how this changes has been enhanced your conversation rate.
  • Website Graphics Optimization: is key for fast web page display. The key to optimizing web graphics is to minimize their size, number, and quality, and maximize cropping.
  • Website Speed Analysis: I Test and monitor your Website's Speed & Performance Instantly and code by reducing the loading time of your site to a minimum for search engines.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Analyzing, testing, and implementing changes to a website content, js and css files, optimize web caching.

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