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Building a Solid Team of Website Designers

The web design industry is surely getting thicker and thicker. Due to this, it's difficult right now to build a solid team of website designers. This is because there are designers who prefer to stay at home to work, because they can get to hit the work-life balance better this way. There are also others who get a higher direct pay as opposed to being hitched with an office-based contractor or a project outsourcer. There are some who also want to be their own bosses, and are abrasive towards shared-material.

Screen Well: While there are some who know they'll get a higher pay with a home based job, there are many who believe in the weight that comes with a more stable career. That is why when you're announcing that you have an opening for good website designers, do your best to pick the cream of the crop. Place degrees and experience side by side and have a shortlist of the best people on your pack. Schedule them for a comprehensive (preferably, panel) interview, and grade them once more.

Have a Reliable HR: Have a good HR system that screens well and places people well. Once you get the right people in your team, the next thing that you must ensure is to have this HR system improve the way your employees are treated. After all, the better they feel, the more productive they will be. It doesn't matter if this department is just made up of one or two people. What is important is that they cater to the needs of your people and they make them feel taken cared of as professionals? Likewise, don't underpay them, treat them with respect and never underestimate their contributions to the company.
Emphasize Accountability: In order to really build a solid team, emphasize accountability as one of the leading principles in running your web page design team. Inculcate in their minds how important it is that they are all accountable. If one fails to work well, the whole team fails. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of one another and learn to work around it. Likewise, don't forget to temper this accountability with friendship. Encourage them to engage in after-work bonding, as a way of seeing one another as more of just a workmate, but more of a comrade.

Inspire: Your website designers, as much as they are workers, they are also artists. What clients are paying for are more than just the hours they log on Photoshop, Indesign or CorelDRAW, but for the concepts and ideas that they bring 0074o life whenever they make their designs. Inspire them by building a mini book/ design kiosk in your office. Post (on your bulletin board) nice websites where they can get some artistic inspiration or studies about web design. Conduct monthly or quarterly workshops and invite speakers who are big names in the web design industry. Inform them of contests. Include anything else that you can think of that will make them better artists. This way, they will be able to reach their full potential, and they'll also be grateful that they belong to a team that continues to move forward.

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