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Past, Present & Future of Web Design, Web Development

Users felt that the we b interface was needed. This was the era of web development evolution. The need of inventing a programming language or a new code structure was felt to facilitate the web interface. Coding was difficult in the early mark up languages. Moreover, these languages were not very effective for applications on the higher side. The latest mark up languages facilitates the website visitor and the website owner with a lot of effective web development applications such as billing and payment of bills. The website development services can now use the latest mark up languages to increase the quality of interface and some of these languages are open and free. Some of the prominent services included in the web development services are as follows.

 E-commerce: The web development services pertaining to e-commerce create a virtual world of a shopping mall or complex from where the online sellers and buyers can interact. At times the sellers can use the customer database. On the other hand the buyers have access to all the products or services being sold through the website. Some of the examples of e-commerce web development services are the bidding websites and websites for reserving the airline tickets.

 Banking: The banking web development services facilitate the utility of the bank services by the customers as well as help the bank employees to manage the funds and accounts effectively and efficiently.

Content Management: The content management web development services assure that the communication link between the business and identities that it interacts with is maintained. E-Learning is an example of this.

Website Development: This service is for increasing the utility of the website and increasing its revenue generating capacity.

 Use of free open source languages: The open source languages are free and can be used by the low-budget business for developing the website.

 SEO: The services include the strategies for search engine optimization so that the traffic to a website is increased.
 Social Net working sites: The services pertaining to these sorts of sites focus on connecting people with similar thoughts. Facebook is examples of this.

 Future of the web development services: The future is very bright but going to feature taut competition. The website will have to be equipped with the latest technical developments to provide better and quick services to their customers / clients.

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