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Stop Harassing Your Viewers With Annoying Website

Do you know that sometime your designed website can also harass your viewers! You might think that your designed website is the best one but in reality you are lacking. For every web designers they fall in love with their designed websites, it is only because they love their creativity which is their in built talent but it might be annoying to the one who is looking at your designs or visiting your websites for specific needs.

To associate attractiveness with creativity, many people want to incorporate flash files in their websites. Undoubtedly flash files make the website very attractive and somehow drags the attention of the viewers. But have you ever thought of the fact, when you over use the flash files into your website just because you want to make the website more attractive. In reality you turn the website clumsy due to the over usage of flash files. Therefore before relying on your designs completely, just follow few points which can make your design more creative and very attractive without even loosing the quality of design.

Tips for Attractive Website Design:
It is a fact that creativity is an in born talent. It can not be created or destroyed. Implementing this innovative asset one can weave a dream website. But sometimes it can lead to irritation. There are no specific guidelines that can guide one how to design a user friendly and attractive website. One can only observe the traffic behavior and design accordingly. Still there are few tips that can guide you with few points that are when practiced can give you the best results, while designing you can hire web designers who generally follow these guidelines. The tips can be pointed as follows:

* Size of Text:
It should be too large or too small, that means, select the normal font size which is acceptable to all human beings. No one likes loud fonts if they are physically fit. So considering the positive aspect, always design the website with normal font size.

* Avoid Unnecessary Music:
If your website is not depicting any musical instruments then why to make the usage of midi files or wave files. The music files takes longer to get downloaded due to the larger file size. When it takes longer then the viewers get irritated as, in general individuals do not prefer to spend more than 5 seconds in a website. So better do not include music files unnecessarily into your website only for the sake of luring visitors.

* Prompt Messages:
It is definitely good to prompt messages to alert the web surfers and to notify them about various happenings but what if they find it irritating! That means, your perception is something different but general viewers do not want the same. In that case do not force them to read the messages but persuade rather.

All these points play a vital role in enhancing the design concept and there by help the websites to become more attractive and creative. If you think your designing concept lacks somewhere, you can also consult some professional web designing company and can hire web designer. The designing company possesses talented and creative designers who can guide you thoroughly for acquiring the best website design

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