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5 Web Design Tips You Need To Know About

Web design services may be the department of the artistic and the creative guys, but most of us do not have a basic grip on the subject - especially when it comes to hiring a website designer to help sell products or services online. While there are thousands of website companies in the India catering to the demands of creative designs, there are some basics even the most novice online entrepreneurs must know to help their website stand out from the rest.

Now this may seem pretty naïve to a website design company in India to reiterate such facts to the client, but not knowing what can make or break the potential selling points in your design can be a callous way to start an enterprise. So here are 5 tips on web design services that should help you turn visitors into conversions and conversions into profits in a jiffy!

1. Images Can Speak a Thousand Words: And that is exactly why you should be using a number of images and not a truckload of words in your design. Make sure the hired website designer knows of this, and strike a balance between the two. Only text makes it non-saleable to the client, while too many pictures make it a bad case for online marketing.

2. Don't Make Choices Hard for the Clients: Remember, in this lightning fast paced age, people cannot spare more than a few moments to arrive at their decision. The smoother you make this road, the faster you can convert visitors to sales. Providing ambiguous Calls-to-Action or paradoxical choices can often destroy your chances of having your clients buy any product or service itself!

3. Prominence is the Key: Make sure the actual products or the "Hero-shots" of the items enlisted are not put up in an obscure place on the site. The hired website designers should make sure they are prominently placed, such that apart from the header, punchlines and call-to-action, the product comes into the client's eagle-eye first!

4. Trials & Discounts Work: If you have any discount options or trial offers going, make sure the website design services make good of the same! For instance, even the smallest of discounts should be molded by the hired web designer in a way that makes it look magnetic and the "best deal EVER" option for the clients!

5. Usability: The more navigable and usable your site is, the more acceptable it is to the clients online. The hired website designers should be knowing of this, but in case they try and figure an easy way out to close shop early - you know what is right!

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