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Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

These days, everyone is looking for ways to drive traffic to their website. A truly creative and powerful approach to getting website traffic is to tap into the Web 2.0 social media marketing scene. Social media websites like Digg, MySpace, Reddit, and Flickr offer almost instant access to large pools of active online prospects. The trick is learning how to use leverage these media sites for the benefit of everyone involved. is a perfect example of how social media sites can generate website traffic and keep generating traffic for a long time to come. With a free member account, MyBlogLog provides a small snippet of code called a widget that you place on your website or blog.

The widget then displays a thumbnail image and name of any MyBlogLog members that visit your site. This by itself is a bonus because it generates a sense of activity on your site and creates a feel of community for your website or blog.

When you visit someone else's site that has this widget installed, your picture and name appear as well. Now, here is where it gets interesting, because your image and name are links back to your MyBlogLog profile page.

Your profile page can have additional information about you, a list of your MyBlogLog community members, a list of recent visitors, and a link back to your website. In essence, the MyBlogLog profile page is a place for you to further attract the attention of the visitor.

In fact, your profile page can contain a larger list of the websites or blogs that you own. If properly presented, this list can begin to generate even greater interest about you and lead to a click through to your website.

However, a little additional work is involved to gain the most benefit from this technique. To extend the reach and life span of your efforts, you must become social. When you join the community of other MyBlogLog members your profile (image and name) will be permanently linked to theirs. Also, when you leave comments on their websites and profiles, you are creating a permanent link that others can follow back to your profile page, and then back to your website.

Social media sites are shaping the way people interact online. By being a part of that social wave you can drive traffic to your website and build a network of contacts that will keep traffic flowing to your site for a long time.

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