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Understanding the Google External Keyword Tool

If you have been hanging out online as an internet marketer for some time, chances are that you may have heard of the Google external keyword tool, but you may not exactly be clear as to what use that this particular tool will have concerning your marketing efforts. Truth is, if you plan on doing any internet marketing, no matter which method you choose, whether PPC or article marketing, proficient understanding and use of the Google external keyword tool will benefit you with leaps and bounds. I use the tool in my day to day endeavors, so let's dive right in and discuss how the Google external keyword tool will benefit you.

When marketing to an audience, no matter what niche you are promoting, you need to know how to reach that audience, and you also need to be familiar with what answers or solutions the particular audience within your niche will be searching for online. This is where the Google external keyword tool will come in handy. What I love about the tool is that when looking for keyword to promote within your niche, you can input a broad term such as diamonds, and the Google external keyword tool will easily shoot out a profitable list of highly relevant, and very specific keywords as related to the diamonds niche. By the way, there are some highly profitable affiliate programs for promoting diamonds, and this niche is virtually untapped, so I would check into that if I were you. Once you get the hang of using the Google external keyword tool and how it can benefit you and your efforts, you will begin to wonder how you may have made it without it.

Try to use keywords that have a mid-range search volume, but a low advertiser competition. If your goal is to get on the first page of Google, using a keyword that meets this criteria will definitely help you achieve that. Even though there is no way to get exact figures unless you use a paid keyword tool such as the one offered at Wealthy Affiliate, the Google external keyword tool is still a very effective and useful tool to utilize. While you can pretty much guarantee the results from the Google external keyword tool to be useful for the purpose of structuring successful marketing campaigns, I would still take the time out to test the data that you retrieve from your keyword searches, and always make sure your keywords are relevant to your articles or PPC campaigns. Best of luck to you and much success in all of your endeavors. Contact me if you need any marketing assistance.

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