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Search Engine Optimization Secrets and Tips

If you want top search engine rankings on sites like Google and Yahoo, you will need to learn how to do search engine optimization. And before you get all freaked out, you need to know that SEO is really not hard to do and anyone can do it. You just need to know what to do! Well, I'm about to reveal to you some SEO secrets that will help you get higher search rankings which means more traffic to your site.

Keyword Research: Before you do anything else, you must do some keyword research to find the best possible keyword phrases that you can use to optimize your website with. Hop on over to the free Google External Keyword Tool and find some highly searched keyword phrases that are related to your sites product or service and optimize your website for those.

Page Title: Make sure to have your targeted highly search keyword in your title. Also make sure that your title describes what the content on your page is about. This will help the search engine know what your website is about and will also encourage the people who found your site on the search engine to click on your title and go to your site.

H1 and H2 Tags: Including your main keyword phrase in your H1 and H2 tags will also help the search engines figure out what your site is about and rank you under that keyword.

First Paragraph: Search engines see the first paragraph of your content as an important place to figure out what the site is about. Your main keyword phrase needs to be placed in your fist paragraph - your first sentence would be the best.

Link Text: If you have an affiliate site on something like "boxing gloves" for example, your main keyword is "heavy duty red boxing gloves" and you are selling boxing gloves as an affiliate, you would create a link that points to the boxing glove site that you are promoting with the text "heavy duty red boxing gloves".

Backlinks: The more links from other websites pointing to your site, the more important you look to the search engines and the higher rankings you will receive. But you don't want to get any old links pointing to you... you need high PRwebsites that are related to the same niche you are in. Also, links pointing to you with your keyword phrase in it will give you more weight for that keyword. So start implementing these techniques to your website for your main keyword phrase today. Like I said before, search engine optimization is easy once you know what to do.

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