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Handing Ranking Method to Get to the Top of Google

I am going to tell you all about how to the top of Google in 8 days. This hand ranking method will get you to the top if you follow each step. But be warned, it will not work if you start to use it and then decide to add something else to it; I have tried this and tested this "Handing Ranking Method." Now, go to Google's Keyword Tool and place your main keyword and sort them by competition. Once you have this sorted out pick a keyword that is getting searched and does not have a lot of competition, this way you will have a better chance of ranking them in the search engines.

Ok, now once you have done this, then go buy a domain name and that domain name will be a keyword rich because you are going to be using that keyword you picked from Google keyword tools. So your domain name, for example, will be www., only buy a domain name with the ending ".com" or even an".org." Never buy anything else.

Once you have this bought set up a word press blog this is so easy just go to YouTube and you will find videos there on how to set this up it's so easy. This will not take you any longer that one hour to set up from buying a domain name to finish.

Ok, then set up your blog. Once that is done, write an article about 400 to 500 words long and this is the way you should have the article laid out.

Now place the keyword in the title and in the title itself, tell people what they want to hear some thing that's going to make them click on your site.

Have your main keyword twice through the article and have the keyword in the last paragraph. So you have your keyword in the article about 4 times - The title, twice in the article and in the last paragraph. This should be good enough for the search engines.

Ok, so you now have you article upload to your blog, go to YouTube and type in your main keyword. Review the results. Pick the one with the most reviews and views, and upload this video to your blog just under the article. Now we want to head over to Google news and find websites talking about are main keyword, we find 5 sites. We then want to place the info on your blog in the following manner:

a) The site's title here
b) Little description of the site
c) Then have the site link here
d) Do this with all five sites.

This way the spiders will see you not just about making money. Rather, they see that you just want to help people find what they are looking for. The search engines love value and if you are offering great value to others you will get paid for it by giving you top rankings! Maintain doing this. While over weeks and months you can start by doing all the normal social marketing that you probably already do with sites like Twitter, Facebook, link building, bookmarking, articles, and YouTube and so on.

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