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Pinging Your Sitemap to the Search Engine

New sites should ping their sitemap to different search engine. The four major search engines where you should ping your sitemap are Google, Yahoo, Bing and There are many websites that offer ping services to these four search engine. To find the websites that offer sitemap ping services, you should enter the keyword "sitemap ping services" or "ping your sitemap" into the search engine. After you hit enter, you will find a list of websites that offer the sitemap ping services.

To ping your website, you simply enter the URL of the XML sitemap into the URL field and press the submit button. After you press the submit button, your XML sitemap is pinged to the search engines. Alternatively, you can ping the XML sitemap to the search engine by yourself. If you don't know the sitemap ping URL format, you can do some research eon the internet. Many websites teach you how to ping the sitemap by yourself.

The XML sitemap must be uploaded to the server before it can be pinged to different search engines. Most peole upload the XML sitemap to the root of the folder in their server. Before uploading the XML sitemap, make sure the link included in the XML sitemap is valid. There should not be a single link that is broken or invalid. If the link is invalid, the search engine spider won't be able to crawl it.

Search engine such as Google offer a tool for tracking the status of your sitemap. The Google webmaster tool will inform you of any error that occur in the sitemap after the search engine spider scan your sitemap. You have to make the necessary corrections to the XML sitemap before the search engine spider will attempt to crawl and index all the pages.
There are many online services that offer to generate sitemap for free. The free sitemap generator are used by many people so you will have to wait for a long time until it is your turn. The free sitemap generator can only generate up to 500 links in your sitemap. The best way to create a sitemap is to code it yourself. If the free sitemap generator creates your sitemap, it will include repetitions of the same link.

For example, if you use the homepage as the base for the page where the free sitemap generator robot scan, the generated sitemap will only include the links on the homepage. Using a free sitemap generator can be irritating because you cannot create an effective sitemap that include all the links on your site.

If you are unable to get your website indexed, you should social bookmark it. Sometimes, the sitemap won't help in getting your website indexed. Social bookmaking your website with Digg will increase the chance of your website getting indexed. You should only submit the homepage. The internal page doesn’t have to be social bookmarked. If you have a lot of pages, you will want to consider getting back links through article submission, or web 2.0 content to help them all get indexed.

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