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Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engine

Optimizing your website for the search engine is important. There are two types of SEO optimization including on site and off site optimization. If you are using images on your content, make sure you tag them with the Alt attribute. The Alt attribute should be optimized with keywords. For example, if it is a gingerbread house cake, you should tag it with the Alt attribute gingerbread house cake. If you don't tag the images, they won't rank on the search engine. Though the web search engine result is the most important, the image search result can also bring in traffic to your site. The traffic from the images are also targeted. Besides tagging it with the Alt attribute, you can also tag it with the title and description attribute. The images should not have a large file size. If the image file size is too big, it will take a long time for it to load.

The visitors will have to wait for a while for the image to load. It will annoy the visitors for having to wait a long time for the image to load. The image should not be too big. If it is too big, the attention of the visitor will be distracted. People will be distracted to see the image instead of the content. The size of the image should be moderate so that it won't prevent the visitors from viewing the content. It is best that you don't implement flash on your site. Google has announced that it is able to read the content in the flash site. However, a HTML static website is always the most SEO friendly. Flash sites can take a long time to load. If the flash site is taking a long time to load, it will annoy the visitors. Everyone like to visit site that load immediately after they click on the referral link from the search result.

The homepage and internal pages of the site should take under 5 seconds to load. Pages that take more than 5 seconds to load is considered not SEO optimized. Though the search engine can read content in flash site, it cannot read the word in the images. Instead of using an image as a logo, you can place the logo the text directly in the place where you would put the image logo. In this way, the search engine will be able to read the text in your logo. The navigation and content area should not be made of flash. The navigation and content area should be a text editable region. If you are hiring a web designer, you can ask him to make a flash template with some regions being text editable. The text editable region will be accessible by the search engine. The search engine can easily and accurately read the text in the text editable region. In addition, you can create a HTML static version of the website.

The HTML static version should be exactly the same as the flash site. After you have created the HTML static version, you should include a link to the HTML static version of the website. The link to the HTML static version should be positioned in a place where other people can see. In this way, people can easily find the link and click on it to view the HTML static version.

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