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It is difficult to find a company nowadays that doesn't have a website. Over the past decade, more and more companies and small business have seen the viability and necessity of online marketing. Growing out of this, is words like search engine optimization, that have become fields in itself. However, all too many companies ignore the fact that while having a website is great; it is in reality, only half of the battle.

Simply creating a website and leaving up on a domain is no longer enough. The truth is that most of your competitors realize this, making your site less useful. In order to get the most of your site, you need to find a web design company that not only creates the site, but actively markets it after its completion. There are many techniques to marketing site, with nearly every company having their own methods. The purpose to marketing is not the same as traditional forms of marketing. Rather, it is designed to increase the likelihood that your site will be first on a search engine.

So for example, let's say someone in Kerala is looking for a lawyer. Lawyers website based out of kerala might be competing with 100s of other lawyers for their business. If that person then types in "kerala lawyer," on Yahoo or Google, the firm's site that pops up first will have the greatest likelihood of getting that business. That is what SEO is all about, getting your website to the top of that list. Ignoring that fact is like having a commercial that you don't put on television

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