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Keyword Research Tools To Boost Affiliate Revenue

As an affiliate marketer you know just how hard it can be to compete against the hundreds of thousands of other affiliates online. Every niche, every market, and every turn you make, there they are, hundreds of them promoting the same products you are. It can be a nightmare trying to evaluate the competition, find low competition keywords, and keyword rich domain names. In fact, it can be flat out ridiculous trying to catch a break in any niche or market.

So what can we do to stand out from other affiliates?

Rather than sounding cliché and telling you to just optimize your content and get back links like every other search engine optimization (SEO) guru tells you to do, I want to dive a little deeper into the content aspect. Sure, back links are important, but they can only be built so fast and we only have so much time in the day to do this. Besides that, back links alone will not drive traffic to your blog or website and keep them there, however, content will. Content is the one thing that can get you traffic all by itself. This kind of traffic is not just any old traffic; this is highly targeted traffic that is actively searching for what you have to offer them.

Find those low competition phrases with keyword research tools

Sure, you could spend weeks gathering keywords and analyzing them one by one plotting your niche takeover. However, this is unrealistic and not time well spent when there are automated tools that can do much more than the average human, not to mention with better accuracy too. Most of the keyword research tools on the market today do the keyword research exactly as you would doing it manually only using Google's API to gather accurate data. It's also worth mentioning that the keyword research tools out there are incredibly powerful. In fact, so powerful that if you are not using one than you are probably not going to succeed as an affiliate marketer or in any form of SEO for that matter. The competition is just too fierce.

How to use these tools to boost your affiliate revenue

When using these tools you actually want to compile a massive list of keywords before even running your keyword research software. The reason for this is that most tools simply generate a small list of keywords using Google's API based only on the keyword phrase you entered. This is fine, except you need to be able to dig much deeper into each keyword. You will actually want to head over to the Google External Keyword Tool and input your main keyword and generate results there.

After generating your first set of results export those to an excel spreadsheet. Now you will want to dive deeper into each of those keywords by entering each one of them into the Google External Keyword Tool and generating results for those as well. You will need to keep doing this with each keyword from your first keyword list. After you have completed that task you should have many excel spreadsheets saved. You will now want to combine those keywords into one excel spreadsheet and remove duplicates. This list will now be ready to be plugged into your keyword research tool and generate some great results. Using this method will help you dig much deeper into keywords and find phrases other affiliates have not yet saturated

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