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Achieving Popularity Through SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the latest way to get your website famous on the internet. The popularity of SEO is due to the popularity of search engines, particularly Google. To understand how SEO works we must understand how the search engine works. The search engine searches websites for you according to your queries. These queries are a set of words that you write in the search box. These words are what are known popularly as keywords. Once the search engine receives the keywords, it searches the entire internet and looks for the given words. On the basis of its search it finally publishes the websites that it thinks are relevant in its search results.

Here comes the catch: because there are thousands of results for almost all popular keywords, the order in which the websites appear in the search is very important. The search engine keeps a constant watch on the modification of web pages and new websites being launched on the internet. It regularly inspects elements of the web space and the ranks of various web pages are dynamic: it changes with changing on the internet, on the parent website or on other websites which are somehow connected to the website in question. Having your website among the first few deemed important by the search engine becomes critical now.

A user searching for a certain keyword will not notice the results that appear on the 15th page of the search results. In fact, most users do not go beyond the third page with a majority of them being satisfied with the first page results. So if you are a website owner you will definitely want your website to be on the first page of the search results. Ideally, your website should be the one appearing at the top.

However, the next five ranks are almost as good because users like to explore a bit before zeroing down on their choice. So a user is expected to click the first 5-6 links. After that, it is the website that attracts him the most. Make your website attractive before going for SEO. Most people who do SEO provide this service as well. Being on the first page means more people noticing your website regularly.

Consequently, more people are expected to visit your website. More people visiting your website will not only consolidate your position in the search engine rankings, it will also mean more business opportunities for you. This is exactly what SEO does. So if you have to make your website popular, SEO is the handiest tool. Furthermore, the money and time invested in getting SEO done for your website is much less than other ways of marketing your website.

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