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Nowadays, the first challenge for entrepreneurs will be on how to market their products and being able to attract a lot of consumers. The system of marketing strategies has evolved from the customary advertisement strategies for sales promotion and publicity like TV/Magazine ads and personal selling but now the more advanced Internet technology with the newest development on IT solutions promises not just the big but also the smalltime entrepreneurs with the use of Social Networking Websites. Some examples of this websites are Facebook, MySpace and Blogsites that provides an easier way to connect with friends and family via the internet but as it turns out these sites serve more purpose; it opened the gateway for a new dimension of Marketing Strategy in a fun, easy and more comfortable way.

Some advantages of Internet Marketing are; products advertising is global which makes it more competitive in offering services to many and different consumers for faster selling and bidding; being able to watch and effectively manage gross sales; less allocation on salary and for establishment/company maintenance on domain name and web design and outsourcing; easy product purchasing on certain items offered at less expensive prices that can also be sold at reasonable prices; able to have person-person conversation to customers for consumer and product assistance. In order to advance your business with the use of Internet Marketing, the company should be pillared with "Trust" that consumers can rely on.
As Internet Marketing emerged it also made way for home based jobs and boomed the industry of Business Process Outsourcing. Although easy as it seems, the most vital element for an Internet Marketer is having the proficiency in Information Technology. Mastering Feeds, HTML, links, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and so as Air Freight Transactions plays major roles for a successful Internet Marketer.

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