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Building Web Traffic to a New Site

In order to be successful at selling or advertising a certain product or website online, the first thing that you have to think about is to get your website seen by internet users as often as possible. The success of a website, especially a new one, depends on the traffic that comes to visit your website regularly. Although almost all website owners understand that concept, the more challenging part is driving and maintaining a steady flow of traffic. Yes there are several ways to attract people to visit your site but in reality, there are actually just three basic and very effective ways to get the website traffic that you need.

These things are all part of the greater picture that is SEO or search engine optimization. The first one involves things found on your website, the second one involves submitting content online, and the third one pertains to URL submissions - these three may not be the easiest things to do in the world, but if done right you will get the traffic that you could possibly hope for.

If you are trying to optimize for organic traffic - meaning you are not using any paid searches or paid advertising services - to get high target traffic for free, your domain name must therefore be rich in keywords. That means that you have at least one word in it that will describe your product or the search term that would be keyed in by potential customers looking for the specific products you are trying to promote. A keyword rich domain name is a very important aspect of successful search engine optimization efforts. So if for example you are trying to promote and sell food dehydrators, your domain name should have both words for it to come up among the top ranks in the search engine results - you can try going for a domain name like "" or "".

When you are niche marketing a good domain name, you will likely be very successful with the rest of your search engine optimization strategies. Remember, a good domain name will get you the visits that you want, so make sure that it consist of highly relevant words or key phrases. After you have come up with a good name, the next thing to tackle is to come up with good written content. Your content should be unique, interesting, and highly relevant - in your articles, be sure that you do not digress into a different subject, even when it is of the same topic.

A common mistake of marketers is to drift away into another area of the topic, without knowing that doing so can actually harm SEO. Articles should be 500 words maximum, should have high keyword density, should have a link at the bottom, and should be highly relevant to your niche.

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