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Seven Website Design Secrets For Faster Loading

One very important aspect of a high-quality website design is that it loads fast, and it is this quality of the website that helps it hold people for a longer stay. Any process on the internet that takes too long to be processed gets abandoned by the web surfers. Visitors are time-savvy and with a lot of other options available they wouldn't stop at any website that takes too long to load. Here are a few recommendations on how websites should be designed keeping the loading factor in mind:

  • Have less use of images: Try having minimum images and only the essential graphics in your web design. Websites that have been tried to be made too colorful and attractive will load slow and prevent a lot of people to visit them.

  • Abstain using large or bulky images: Bulky images or pictures will take too long to load. It's advisable to reduce the image size to 15 kb maximum in order to manage the load speed. Having a thumbnail with a link to a larger size photo is also a good option as it will lead to a choice-driven decision to be taken only by those who are ready to wait for viewing the larger image.

  • Utilize tables in creating menus rather than having image icons: Using creatively-built tables instead of images as icons gives rise to great-looking designs that achieve faster loading.

  • Cut down on Flash animations: If not utilized properly, Flash animations can drastically affect the professional image of a site with negative effects such as bogging down visitor's system resources and increasing the page loading time.

  • Utilize CSS styles: Effective and creative use of CSS Styles not only catch visitors' attention but also helps a website load fast as it's just a simple HTML code.

  • Minimize the use of animated gifs: If not really important animated gifs should not be included, as in addition to being irritating for some visitors they could also slow down the loading of a page.

  • Keep observing page-loading times: Keep checking regularly as to how long your site is taking to load so that it can be improved when a need arises


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